Managed Services & 5 ways it can help your business


Managed Services

How can a business benefit by hiring a managed services provider(MSP)?  There are many valuable reasons for small businesses of all sizes to partner with an external firm to handle their IT needs.

  1. Freeing up resources – An MSP partner can help organizations and businesses take care of the day-to-day maintenance of running technology systems. Often-times MSPs will completely replace the need for an in-house IT team, or work in conjunction with one, freeing up time and resources for the organization.
  2. Expected costs for technology– Partnering with an MSP will entail setting up a recurring contract that provides an expected cost to cover services required to keep business technology systems up and running. Rather than incurring a large expense for an IT Issue, businesses can instead account for potential problems with a set monthly fee.
  3. Cybersecurity– The threat of malicious attacks is continually growing year after year and more small businesses are being targeted in these attacks. Outsourcing security to an MSP can address the critical steps that need to be taken to mitigate the risk of an attack and ensure a rapid recovery if an attack does occur. MSPs can manage and maintain many services such as critical vulnerability patching, system hardening, backup services, end-user training, and incident response.
  4. Reducing network downtime– Hiring an MSP allows for an external entity to expertly design and manage all IT Systems. Through proactive day-to-day maintenance and addressing issues before they become a problem or an outage, a proficient MSP will be able to reduce downtime for a business. This helps to ensure issues are resolved before they cause a major impact on a company network or lower employee productivity.
  5. Business continuity & peace of mind– MSPs are designed to act as your external IT department and will always be staffed by knowledgeable IT professionals. Being partnered with a good MSP can give business owners peace of mind with technology operations. The MSP can act as an IT consultant and build a technology roadmap for future expansion to ensure the best choices are being made in the interest of the business.

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